Flood and Water Restoration


Grounds Group Flood and Water Restoration division can help with all your restoration needs. Water damage is a very serious situation that has the potential to wreak havoc in a few hours if unnoticed. Grounds Group’s “Water Restoration” division is Illinois first choice for handling all aspects of water damage emergency, including frozen and broken pipes, toilet over-flows, sewage back-ups, water line breaks and more. Without a complete dry-out, the chances of mold developing become much higher after 24 hours.


Water damage restoration companies are often called in to handle small problems, such as a leaky pipe or clogged toilet overflow. Emergency response services usually include complete water extraction and disposal of the contaminated water. In addition, they dry out the building’s structure, contents and other surfaces/surfaces that have been flooded. As soon as the damage is done, attention is needed for moving any items that can be salvaged into a safe environment where mold cannot grow on them while rebuilding your property begins. Restoration experts also can assess structural and electrical risks and suggest appropriate repairs based on their findings.

Emergency Water Extraction

When a pipe bursts, the area surrounding the broken pipe must be dried with steam or by other means. Emergency water extraction can reduce the possibility of mold from growing in your home or business as well as slow down structural damage. Emergency water extraction is the process of removing all areas of standing water as fast as possible from fire/flood incidents and from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Emergency water removal companies have special equipment to remove this much volume quickly without causing additional damage. Emergency upholstery flooding requires a unique approach for restoration that removes not only dirt, but also a large volume of water using our unique process called encapsulation drying.

Emergency water restoration companies use special equipment that can dry out a structure as quickly as possible. These companies remove all standing water and replace the wet materials with new, clean ones which will prevent mold from growing in your home or business. Emergency Water Restoration is complete removal of all standing water and replacement of wet contents using properly trained and equipped personnel designed to return your property to its pre-loss condition with minimal interruption to your life and work. Emergency furniture flooding requires a unique approach for restoration which removes not only dirt, but also a large volume of the most contaminated water using our process called encapsulation drying which completely dries upholstery within 48 hours making it safe for handle by people again.

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