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06 Mar 2021

Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Grounds Groups Flood and Water Restoration disvision will get your property back to normal from the restoration, mitigation and reconstruction. We work directly with your insurance company. Contact us today 847-584-3884

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    14 Jan 2021

    What Are The Duties Of A Day Porter?

    A Day Porter can mean something different depending on who you ask but the services usually include:

    • cleaning, hand cleaning trash, and litter, disinfecting areas when needed
    • litter cleanup from the daily use
    • restroom cleaning and maintenance
    • on-site spill clean up as needed
    • cleaning of windows and exterior washing
    • complete trash can and bin cleaning and service
    • painting walls and other areas of the exterior and lot as well as some interior sections

    Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of public facilities are provided by a day porter service.  Sometimes toxic and hazardous items might not be included in the service.  You’ll want to check with your provider if your location experiences the need for the removal of such items.

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      13 Jan 2021

      Retail Parking Lot Sweeping & Commercial Areas Parking Lot Cleaning

      Create a Good and Lasting First Impression

      The appearance of your paved surfaces is the first impression people have when approaching your retail, business, or commercial property and a clean crisp presentation is an inviting image. From large shopping malls to one-off strip centers, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, establishing a budget for maintaining regularly scheduled power sweeping services delivers appealing and clean parking surfaces surrounding your buildings. Surveys have documented that consumers judge the quality of a shopping and/or commercial facility by the cleanliness of its exterior areas including parking lots.

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        05 Jan 2021

        Pressure Washing

        Grounds Group offers pressuring washing of sidewalks to remove gum and grease from surfaces.

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