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Chicagoland parking lot sweeper of choice is Grounds Group Lot Sweeping.  Our parking lot vacuum sweepers are the best in the industry, and they possess the skill and care to service any property. With flexible scheduling and power sweeper trucks that are equipped to handle many kinds of debris, Grounds Group can customize a street sweeping services regimen that both suits your needs and fits your budget. Furthermore, we regularly inspect our properties to ensure the highest quality of parking lot cleaning services and the greatest customer satisfaction. (See Day Porter Services for other cleaning services). Grounds Group's parking lot and parking structure sweeping services include the following:

  • Backpack blowing all common areas, curbs, corners, walkways, streets, bumper stops, islands, planters, trash areas, trash bin enclosures, building exteriors, and other areas inaccessible to parking lot vacuum sweepers
  • Hand-picking litter, heavy items, and garbage from such areas as sidewalks, curbs, corners, and planters
  • Cleaning all open areas with a parking lot vacuum sweeper
  • Cleaning trash areas and bin enclosures with a shovel, broom, and blower and vacuum-sweeping its contents (dumped items, such as furniture or large appliances, may also be hauled upon request)
  • Regular inspections of overall order and cleanliness, and reporting of the following: illegally dumped trash, graffiti, vandalism, potholes and other poor asphalt conditions, vagrants, safety hazards, abandoned vehicles, and landscape problems.

If you are interested in requesting a bid for our parking lot cleaning services, please note that we consider the following three factors when estimating parking lot sweeping prices:

  1. Frequency of service: Depending upon your tenants, sweeping services may be required anywhere from once every three or four months to once every day. For example, certain retail centers, shopping malls, office parks, and medical plazas are so heavily trafficked that keeping their parking areas consistently clean requires daily street sweeping services. We can either recommend a frequency based upon our assessment of your property or do our best to keep it clean within the frequency that you request. We are also willing to provide commercial sweeping services on an as-needed basis, such as a day or two before an important walk-through, demo, or environmental runoff inspection.
  2. Property size and conditions: Larger properties will, of course, require more time and effort for a sweeping company to thoroughly clean, and will therefore be more costly to service. Additionally, poor asphalt conditions, cumbersome debris, and various other obstructions and impediments to service (e.g., heavy traffic, numerous large trucks) may affect the cost. We have experience servicing the following types of properties: commercial, industrial, retail, residential, manufacturing, government, healthcare, aviation, transportation, and technology.
  3. Time of service: Lot sweeping services are usually provided late at night or early in the morning to avoid disturbing occupants with the din of backpack blowers and vacuum sweeper trucks. However, customers do occasionally request that we complete our parking lot sweeping services within a certain time frame because of noise ordinances or other factors. We ask property managers to specify the desired timing of our visits in these occasional instances so that our operators may schedule their routes in an efficient manner. We certainly do not wish to disturb any occupants or tenants with loud blowing and parking lot vacuum sweepers!

The key to ensuring that we meet your street sweeping services demands is to provide us with the above information and with any other details that you feel are pertinent to satisfactory property maintenance. A walk-through with property managers, owners, security personnel, or other persons may also be scheduled to complete a closer and more informed inspection of the site's management needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best industrial and commercial sweeping services available in the Chicagoland area, so whether you manage retail centers, industrial parks, office buildings, medical plazas, HOAs, or any other type of property, call or e-mail Grounds Group today to meet your parking lot sweeping needs.



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