1. Paver Patios: A Paver patio can be a stunning addition to your home and with the variety of patterns and textures available, it is easier than ever before to create a truly unique paver patio. Paving can enhance any exterior space, whether it is paving around the pool, utility areas or straight up the driveway. Hire Grounds Group as your paver patio company.

2. Paver Driveway: Paving as a driveway offers practicality as well as beauty. Paving blocks provide excellent grip when compared with loose gravel and concrete driveways and they also look great! They also pose less risk of compaction due to their ability to drain water away quickly and completely unlike gravel which can become boggy in wet conditions and can hold water for days after rainfall. Paver drives will last a lifetime and increase the value of your home too!

3. Paver Pool Deck: Paver pool decks and patios are a great addition to outdoor areas and they blend in perfectly with natural surroundings adding style where it is needed most! Grounds Group Paving offer paver installation on every level of the home including driveways, pool decking, patio’s and walkways.

Paver patios and pool decks add value to your home and Grounds Group Paving can provide you with a truly unique design.

4. Paver Walkways: Paver walkways create a beautiful pathway which enhances any heritage garden or outdoor area and Pave Stone Paving offer installation services for paver paths which will not only enhance the appearance of your landscape but also add value to your property at the same time! Grounds Group Paving has been paving all their clients driveways, pool decking, patio’s and walks since 1979. Contact Grounds Group today for a free estimate!

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